With an ongoing lockdown to contend with, even fitness and social activities have had to move to the online world. So, you might be asking yourself how to improve social skills? Well here at Space Plans, we are delighted to have developed an online platform for online circus skills. Made and run by some of the most skilled circus artists in the industry, our circus workshops are expertly designed. The is to support the physical and mental wellbeing of its users no matter how much experience they have with circus skills.

Having to contend with a year of lockdown, it’s safe to say that there’s many of us craving the social aspects of life. They have been so greatly missed over the past 12 months. Socialising is imperative for mental wellbeing, and as we have had very few social situations to enjoy and thrive in recently. It is unsurprising that we might feel a little overwhelmed as lockdown restrictions ease. Whether you will be heading back to an office with lots of new people or reconnecting with familiar faces, what better way to ease back into social situations again than with online circus courses? You’ll be back to being a social butterfly in no time! So how can circus courses boost your mental wellbeing? And how to improve social skills using it?

Improving Social Skills: Patience

You might have been living lockdown independently or have just got used to the people you are living with. Regardless of your situation, patience is a skill that everyone needs, and one that might have understandably deteriorated recently. When learning social skills, you will need to practice a trick many times before you remember it and your muscles learn the knack – in fact, we expect plenty of equipment dropping before you acquire the new skill! Patience is a virtue and one that is sure to be tried and tested with circus skills.

Improving Social Skills: Self-confidence

Heading back to the office or back to your social group can be a little daunting. Especially after so much time away, and your self-confidence might be lacking. When you learn circus skills, you’ll be able to look back on your hard work. Not only this, have a new skill to show for it, which provides a great sense of achievement. The more you master the skill, the more accomplished you will feel and as a result, you’ll feel much more confident in your ability to take whatever challenges life throws at you.

Problem- Solving

From taking on complex juggling challenges to understanding the dynamics of a group performance, problem-solving itself is a skill you are guaranteed to learn when attending online circus courses. You’ll be overcoming issues, adapting to new scenarios, and interpreting information that is relayed in many different ways. As a result, becoming an expert in solving problems either intuitively or systematically.

Online Circus Skills With Space Plans

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