Mindfulness activities for adults are defined in many ways. Whether it’s reading a novel, taking part in yoga classes or enjoying a spot of colouring, there are many ways to practise mindfulness. However, within these activities and the artful skill of juggling, it’s difficult to determine whether you are practising mindfulness or meditation.

In today’s article, we will delve into juggling, one of the most effective mindfulness activities for adults. This is to understand the long-term benefits that juggling can have on your mind and body. At Space Plans, our online circus skills juggling workshops are the answer to becoming more mindful and establishing your state of being.

What Is The Difference Between Mindfulness & Meditation?

While mindfulness and meditation are closely related, they aren’t necessarily the same or offer equal benefits. Meditation, according to Google, is a technique practised by an individual that allows them to focus on the mind or a specific object, thought or activity. These activities can support you in training your attention and awareness, achieving a clear mindset and emotional stableness.

Mindfulness, on the other hand, is a type of meditation that allows you to focus on your presence. As well as your emotional and physical awareness. Mindfulness works to relax the body and mind, forgetting everything around you. As a self-care act, an individual can become grounded without interpretation or judgement when mindful.

How Do You Practise Mindfulness?

There are many versions of mindfulness that can benefit your mental state. For example, breathing methods, walking, guided imagery practises and juggling. Juggling, similarly to the other activities listed, encourages complete concentration and the state of being.

How do you juggle? Juggling requires a person to pass at least two objects from hand to hand, simultaneously and without any interruption. Often seen in circus acts and variety shows, juggling is an excellent skill to learn and requires a certain level of determination.

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How Do You Juggle Mindfully?

As one of the most beneficial mindfulness art therapy activities for adults, juggling requires a tranquil environment that boasts a calming atmosphere. By applying your sole attention to one object in this space, you can switch off from all other surroundings. Combined with the physical act of juggling that stimulates both the mind and body, you can feel a sense of achievement and visual stimulation.

Why Is Juggling Good For Your Mind?

Now that you’re aware of the mindfulness of juggling, it’s essential to understand how this mindfulness activity for adults is beneficial for your mental being. Is juggling beneficial for your mental health? Juggling requires a lot of time and patience, especially when practising mindfulness. You can fully appreciate your capabilities and enjoy the moment by absorbing that sense of being. As well as, completely letting go of all other worries, thoughts, and purposes.

This also improves your focus and concentration as a whole, which in future will allow you to use this new outlook on other areas of your life. Individuals will feel refreshed and revived once taking part in this mindfulness activity for adults.

Mindfulness Juggling At Space Plans

If you’re looking to start taking part in mindfulness activities for adults, juggling at Space Plans is your answer. Our mindful juggling workshops found on our easy-to-use app are a safe and effective way to learn this fantastic new skill. In addition, you will be learning next to industry experts and other like-minded individuals.

We understand that every one of our partakers has their own unique purposes when learning circus skills and hold different abilities. However, in a friendly and supportive community at Space Plans, we are always sharing thoughts and ideas. Consequently, helping our participants feel comfortable and confident always.

If you’d like further information on our mindful online circus workshops, get in touch with us today. Call us on 0121 439 2530, and we can talk you through what to expect at Space Plans. Alternatively, if you enjoyed this blog, why not take a look at a previous one: Aerial Silks Courses: What Will You Learn?