Mindful Juggling

Here at Space Plans, we are committed to creating a welcoming community of circus-lovers.

Although the art of juggling is associated with the circus and exercise, research does actually suggest that juggling can be used for mindfulness.

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Much like meditation, learning to juggle keeps you focused on an individual subject. It pulls your brain away from other topics that interrupt your peace.

Here at Space Plans, we are delighted to be able to offer mindful juggling workshops on our app.

Made and run by circus performers, it’s safe to say we have plenty of experience in practising both juggling and mindfulness. With this in mind, we’ve fused both activities into one to create an activity that offers both physical and mental benefits.

We’re focused on building a community of people who all share the same love as we do for the circus.

Equally, we understand that everyone will have their own individual purposes for learning circus skills. By building this community, we can share ideas and open our minds to the wonderful benefits that skills like juggling can offer.

We welcome people of all backgrounds and experiences to join us.

Whether you’ve been juggling for years and want to learn the mindfulness skills that can come with it, or you’re new to everything and want to explore what juggling can do, our platform is perfect for your journey.

Mindful Juggling: Blending Circus Skills With Mindfulness

Juggling takes a lot of time and patience, and even more so when mindfulness is introduced.

The idea of mindful juggling is to create a calm and tranquil environment where you can nurture your mind and apply your concentration to one sole subject.

Life is busy, and hectic, and your brain is naturally jumping from one task to another.

Mindfulness is a type of meditation that encourages you to become aware of your senses and feelings in that moment.

You do this through relaxing the body and diverting the mind away from anything that isn’t in that moment. Consequently, this in turn allows you to become more aware of your current state.

How Does It Work?

Any form of exercise is good for you mentally as much as it is physically. However, a skill like juggling requires great concentration. In addition, to master it, you must switch off to your surroundings. By combining the physical activity with the brain stimulation, sense of achievement, and visual stimulation, juggling can soon become something your whole mind can be absorbed into. You can become more “at one” with yourself, clearing your mind and allowing yourself to engage in the activity with more clarity and focus.

The Benefits

By improving your focus and concentration, you can filter this intense focus that you need for juggling into other aspects of your life, that also require the same level of attention. This form of active meditation can leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Therefore, paving the way for you to tackle whatever life throws at you. Along with the clarity that mindful juggling can bring, you are also working towards mastering a skill. This in itself can increase your self esteem as you feel that sense of accomplishment.

Want To Learn Mindful Juggling?

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