Here at Space Plans, we are committed to enhancing the mental and physical wellbeing of adults through circus skills. We have developed an app made and run by us circus artists. They can help to teach you circus skills that offer an amazing range of physical and mental benefits. We’ll be covering many different circus skills with our specialist training so whether you are looking to train for the circus industry, learn to train others, or just acquire some new skills, join us today. One skill in particular that we focus on is juggling. When you learn how to juggle, you’ll also gain a number of useful skills under your belt at the same time, read our blog to find out more.

Learning To Juggle Benefits

Making the decision to learn to juggle could be based on a number of factors. You might want to socialise with friends, make new friends, learn a new skill, or enhance your brain development. Although juggling won’t automatically improve your intelligence, research does suggest that it can increase brain power. Whatever the reasoning behind your decision, we’re here to make it happen. Juggling has been shown to support the development of the brain and has also been linked to the improvement of academic skills. It is also fantastic for team building.

Gentle Exercise

Juggling requires gentle, continuous, and flowing movement, making it a good aerobic exercise. Needless to say, as you continue to progress with juggling, your skills and fitness can increase.

Improves Hand To Eye Coordination

There are lots of people who shy away from learning to juggle. This is because they feel that they don’t have the coordination. However coordination can in fact be improved by learning to juggle, and again, the more you practice, the better this will become. Most sports require coordination, but circus skills such as juggling require continuous coordination and balance practice. Alongside improving your hand to eye coordination, learning to juggle can also increase your reflex speed – the more you do it, the faster you become.

Improves Sense Of Rhythm

Standard juggling takes place to a steady rhythm, however, there are plenty of different ways to mix up the timing through throws and catches. We can support you with different juggling paces, starting at a simple steady pace, and then moving you on to a syncopated faster rhythm.

Sense Of Achievement

From a young age, we love to learn new things with proper encouragement. As we move into adulthood, that urge to gain a sense of achievement doesn’t fade. Once we get over the fear of trying new things, learning can fast become a pleasure. Learning to juggle can provide you with the gratification you deserve from learning something new.

Learn How To Juggle With Space Plans

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