Here at Space Plans, we want to share our love of circus skills with anyone and everyone.

Here at Space Plans, we are committed to building a community of circus performers who share our passion for the circus arts.

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Our juggling workshop connect people from all walks of life. We’re committed to creating a community of people who all share an interest in either learning or continuing circus skills.

One of our most popular workshop is our juggling workshops.

Perfect for those starting out, or those who want to carry on developing their juggling skills, we welcome everyone will all levels of experience.

No matter where you are in your circus journey, you’re guaranteed to reap the benefits of our juggling workshop with Space Plans.

You could be an experienced circus teacher, a former or current circus performer, or a real amateur just starting out, there’s always something to learn with our team.

Who Can Attend Our Juggling Workshops?

We really mean it when we say people from all walks of life and those with any level of experience are welcome at our workshops. Whether you’re an experienced circus teacher, a former or current circus performer, or a real amateur just starting out, there’s always something to learn with our team. In addition, there are many mental and physical advantages that you can gain by learning juggling. With our app, you can learn to juggle anytime and anywhere. So, you have complete control over when you decide to train. With our app, you can plan, track, and train whenever suits you, so your journey is completely bespoke to you and your lifestyle.

When it comes to learning how to juggle, you don’t have to be alone either. In fact, we encourage our circus workshops to become a place of social activity as much as it is a place to learn. There’s plenty of people who are also part of the community, and together, you can learn new skills, and form great friendships along the way. Juggling is one of the best circus skills to learn at the start of your circus journey. So, if you’re looking for a place to get started, you’ve come to the right place.


Physical Benefits

Although it doesn’t feel like exercise, juggling is great for the body. Why? Because you’re moving your body in motions that you otherwise would not often engage in. Juggling essentially helps to lubricate the joints in the arms and the shoulders. Consequently, this makes it perfect for seniors wishing to learn a new circus skill too. The act of juggling requires you to make gentle but consistent movements – which means it makes a great aerobic exercise. As you continue with your juggling, your skills and fitness can be developed.


If you’ve ever found yourself thinking “how do I improve my reflexes” juggling may be the solution for you. As with most circus skills, performers are required to have split second reactions. This is something that can be built over time the more the skill is practiced. Essentially, the more you practice it, the faster you become. Many people are worried about learning to juggle because they lack good hand eye coordination. Again this is something that can be obtained and improved through juggling.


Mental Benefits

When you learn to juggle, you may also reap a series of benefits to support your mental health and wellbeing. It’s a fun skill to learn, and once you’ve mastered the basics, you’re likely to feel a real sense of accomplishment.

When you first learn to juggle, you’ll soon realise that you switch off to everything else around you. In fact, you subconsciously absorb yourself into the activity. With this in mind, juggling is a fantastic way to escape your worries, stresses and anything else that could be causing you to feel negative.

Want To Learn To Juggle?

To find out more about our juggling workshops, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Email: info@circusmash.co.uk for more information, OR Call: 0121 439 2530 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.