Juggling is one of those tricks that everybody wishes they could do, but that few will put the effort into learning. Fortunately for those willing to begin, Space Plans is going to offer a range of online juggling courses designed to increase your confidence and perfect your skills.


Why learn to juggle in the first place?

Juggling is great for both physical and mental health, and can also be a highly sociable activity! Although our juggling courses will be online, we will encourage you to team up and practice with somebody else, especially if you decide to juggle with objects such as knives and glasses!

When considering the physical and mental benefits of juggling, there are many to be had. Juggling is a great form of exercise, as it causes your body to move in ways which you may not normally move, and also lubricates joints in both the arms and shoulders. Juggling can also improve hand-eye coordination, and increase your ability to focus on one thing for an extended period of time. It is both relaxing and engaging, and makes for a great skill to practice in between undertaking taxing activities, such as exams or meetings.

If you are more interested in the well-being benefits of juggling, you may find our previous blog post on ‘Mindful Juggling’ to be a good place to start!

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Juggling with household objects

Learning to juggle with balls (such as tennis balls) is undoubtedly the most simple way to start your juggling journey. However, as you begin to learn more complex arrangements, you may wish to begin juggling with other objects!

Some of the most popular forms of juggling without the use of balls include fire juggling and knife juggling, although these would need to be supervised by a professional. Luckily, it is very simple to learn how to juggle with objects which you can find in your home, after (or even before if you fancy a challenge) you learn to juggle with balls.

You may have seen bartenders performing tricks with three or four cocktail shakers, as well as with bottles of alcohol, and whilst this may seem impressive to any old customer, with our online juggling courses these tricks will seem like a walk in the park! So keep an eye out.

If you are a bartender, then learning to juggle will undoubtedly assist you in enticing more customers and impressing your co-workers (and perhaps even manager!). If you aren’t, then there are still ways to take your juggling skills to the next level.

Other items that we would recommend juggling with include fruit and vegetables, clothes and even crockery! Not only are these items much easier to get ahold of than juggling balls, but they require you to heighten your concentration and test your skills, thus making you a better juggler.


Online Juggling Course Coming Soon

With Space Plans’ online circus skills courses, you will find yourself capable of just about anything that you set your mind to. Our experts cater to all abilities and teaching styles, there really is no excuse not to learn!

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