Hula hooping is one of the most adaptable circus skills you can learn. Challenging both your mental and physical abilities, hula hooping is a rewarding activity that’s fit for a range of abilities. When it comes to becoming a hula hoop professional, you can learn this skill to an advanced level to meet industry standards. With the help of our online circus workshops, we can support you in pursuing this new profession, no matter your previous experience.

Here at Space Plans, we aim to bring like-minded individuals together to learn the fundamentals of becoming a professional hula hooper. It starts at manoeuvring a hoop around your waist, but these movements can lead to various physical and mental health benefits that you can make a career out of. Continue reading this article for tips on becoming a professional in this art form.

What Does Hula Hooping Require?

Hula hooping requires core strength to move the hoop in a circular motion. Furthermore, hand-eye coordination is crucial. Movement is always executed when hula hoop professionals focus on their balance and stability during activity.

What Will Hula Hooping Do For Your Body?

Hula hooping offers both short and long term benefits, making this sport increasingly favourable as a career path. As previously mentioned, hula hooping allows you to work on your core strength. What will hula hooping do for your body? The constant action of hula hooping increases your core’s strength and resilience. What’s more, you’ll improve your balance, which in turn helps with your overall body posture.

In terms of mental health benefits, professional hula hooper dancers won’t have to dedicate as much effort to the action of hula hooping over time. Therefore, it allows them to focus on being present and having a calmer mindset. Additionally, as hula hooping is a physical activity, endorphins and serotonin are released, alleviating stress, anxiety, and other negative moods.

Tips For Becoming A Hula Hoop Professional

1. Be Prepared

While you’ll need to purchase a hoop before participating in one of our online circus skills workshops, why wait? If you’re a beginner, we always encourage our app users to get an idea of their capabilities prior to joining us for a fun session of hula hooping. We welcome everybody on the scale from ex-performers to amateurs. However, using the app will allow you to grasp the demands of the body and mind beforehand.

2. Dedicate Yourself

The trick to exceeding in a new skill is to dedicate time and effort to the act. By scheduling time to learn through our workshops and keeping in touch with other members through the Space Plans App, you can stay motivated and vigilant on your journey. To excel in something and fully reap the benefits, you’ll need to keep on top of sessions and your progress. This way, you’ll stand a better chance at making a career out of your new passion.

3. Undergo Training

Most importantly, we recommend that you be trained to the highest standards to become a hula hoop professional. By taking part in the Space Plans workshops, you will learn all areas of the sport, but through a system that suits your lifestyle and schedule. Using our app, you can learn on the go or whenever you find spare time to do so. However, the more time you dedicate to learning, the faster you’ll see results.

Start Your Hula Hooping Journey

Our workshops are executed by some of the industry’s most skilled circus performers and professionals who have spent years perfecting their abilities in the sport. Therefore, all professional hula hoop tricks and skills taught are matchless in their effectiveness and accuracy.

The creativity and artistry behind hula hooping are what makes this sport so enjoyable, rewarding and exhilarating. If you’re considering joining our community of inspiring hula hoop professionals, get in touch with us today on 0121 439 2530 for further information. Also, why not take a look at a previous blog for more information on learning a circus skill: Learn Juggling To Improve Hand-Eye Coordination