Want to learn how to train coordination? By learning circus skills through our workshops, you are opening up your mind and body to many benefits, including enhancing your hand-eye and body coordination. From improving your confidence to working on your stamina, there are many things to take away from our courses.

In today’s article, we will outline how our online circus skills workshops train coordination and why developing this skill is essential. Here at Space Plans, we love to consistently capitalise on the benefits of our skills training courses to ensure that our attendees get the most out of them.

Why is enhancing your coordination beneficial?

If you’re a sportsperson, by learning how to train coordination, you are helping prevent injury, as well as stay in form as you age. While cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and strength training are still recommended, focusing on coordination can help you thrive in all of these areas.

In the every day, your body uses hand-eye coordination in every task. By coordinating a motor pattern, you will have more accuracy and will be able to accomplish the correct level of force. This applies to functions such as grasping objects, playing games, cooking, handwriting and eating.

How To Train Coordination With Space Plans

See below for which of our circus skills courses will help improve your coordination skills.

Balance Exercises

Balance is key when learning how to train coordination. By performing static movements, you will be able to perform further bodily activities with ease. What everyday activities require balance? Activities that require balance include squatting, pressing overhead and walking. Soon at Space Plans, we plan on introducing hula hooping to our menu of circus skills.

Hooping allows you to focus on your body movements without much motion. Therefore, upholding balance while practising tricks and enhancing hand-eye coordination to keep concentration.

Juggling Acts

Juggling is one of the most effective skills to learn in order to train coordination. What do you gain from juggling? As a hand-eye coordination drill, it develops your timing, rhythm and control simultaneously. By introducing your body and mind to do all three, you are essentially coordinating yourself as a whole.

Our juggling courses are run by industry professionals who teach all abilities to perfect this art. By learning juggling, not only will you improve on your coordination but also your problem-solving skills and bi-manual dexterity. Two skills that can help you in everyday life, too.

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Learn With Space Plans

Are you clued up on how to train coordination? By joining us for one of our circus skill workshops, you will be exposed to the above benefits and many more. Our easy-to-use app allows you to jump in and out of courses and learn at your preferred times and at your own pace.

Come and join like-minded individuals on a journey of learning an array of new skills. For more information on what other benefits our courses offer, get in touch today on 0121 439 2530.

Begin by standing on both feet. Then slowly lift one leg as high as your hip to create a 90-degree angle. You’ll begin to feel shaky, but try to keep it there as long as possible. Remember, the longer you can maintain your balance, the better you’re improving your coordination.

For added challenge, have a dumbbell on each hand as you shift your weight to one leg. When you raise one foot off the ground, press the weights (in your opposite hand) overhead. Try to do 10-12 reps before switching to the other leg.