Space Plans is a community of circus teachers, performers, and students. Together we are connecting people from all walks of life who are wanting to learn or grow their circus skills. Whether you’re looking to perform circus skills as a hobby, teach it to others, or you’re looking to generate income from it, we commit ourselves to helping you reach your goals.

Learning Circus Skills

Physical Benefits

Learning circus skills can offer a whole host of physical and mental benefits. Alongside helping you to keep active and fit, skills such as juggling and hula hooping can help to improve your hand eye coordination. Acts such as aerial silks for example, can help to strengthen your core and upper body muscles which can sometimes be neglected in traditional exercises.

Mental Benefits

Your mental health and well being can also hugely benefit from participating in circus acts. This is especially the case when taking part in circus activities through Space Plans which focuses on bringing people together.

Space Plans encourages people to work together when learning and nurturing their circus skills. This provides you with many opportunities:

  • enhance your social skills,
  • improve your communication skills,
  • practise patience and empathy

All of which can be applied to life outside of the circus.

The journey of learning a new act can grow your confidence. Also, many find themselves making vast improvements with their self-esteem. Mastering a new skill is one of the most rewarding feelings. So, you’re almost always guaranteed to leave a Space Plans workshop feeling happy and proud of yourself, carrying a sense of achievement.

Curating a Circus Act

Once you’ve learned some circus skills you’re happy with, it might be time to consider the next step which is creating a circus act. Piecing together a circus act requires creativity but you shouldn’t be deterred if you don’t identify as a creative person. At Space Plans, we have workshops and courses available that teach you how to take your technical skills and merge them with music and a story to create a performance you can be proud of.

Act Creation with Kat Clark

Kat focuses on promoting individuality on the route to creating your circus act. She advises to focus on your strengths and the things that make you unique. By focusing and being proud of your own circus journey, you can use the things that make you unique to help shape your circus act. The 9-part course covers all of the aspects you need to know when it comes to creating your performance.

Act Creation with Karina Jones

Karina offers a 4-part course that is perfect for both people who have and haven’t created a circus act before. Karina covers a wealth of tips on how to stay motivated during the creation process along with the acting techniques you need to learn in order to tell your story. With downloadable PDFs at the end of each workshop, you’ll be able to learn and retain pivotal tips and tricks to create your very own act.

Want To Learn How To Create A Circus Act?

To find out more about our Circus Act Creation workshops, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Email for more information, or call 0121 439 2530 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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