There are many benefits to learning circus tricks you can do at home for both adults and children. From improving your hand-eye coordination to developing your balance, circus tricks are beneficial to the mind and the body. When taking part in our online circus workshops, you are subject to all of these skills and becoming a part of a community of like-minded individuals.

For several years now, we have had the pleasure of teaching and guiding many individuals in the acts of the circus industry. From beginners to intermediates, all of our circus courses are suitable for all abilities and can be adapted to how you feel comfortable. And to entice you even further, we have put together the key skills you’ll learn by joining us at Space Plans in this article.

Top 5 Skills You’ll Learn

1. Coordination

As previously mentioned, your coordination is positively impacted when learning circus tricks you can do at home. Hand-eye coordination is a skill that requires the ability to switch focus between your act and your environment. As an example, while learning to juggle, you will need to focus on the pins and your audience or your hands. Once mastered, multitasking and the ability to learn multiple circus skills at once will be possible.

2. Sensory Processing

Secondly, learning circus tricks at home allows you to develop your sensory processing skills. Sensory processing enables an individual to register and interpret the sensory input from the environment and body. By teaching your mind to receive, organise and respond this way, you will grasp how to behave consistently and meaningfully.

3. Teamwork

While our online circus skills courses aren’t live, they offer attendees the opportunity to work on their teamwork skills. By communicating through our easy-to-use app or taking part with another person, you will learn the fundamentals of working in a team. This skill will help boost morale and comradery as you work towards the same goal.

4. Confidence

Is confidence a skill? While gaining confidence isn’t as straightforward as learning to skip, it is a way of learning that requires persistence and practice. By learning new circus tricks you can do at home, you are boosting your self-confidence through a sense of achievement. A notion of proudness and accomplishment, mixed with the release of endorphins when taking part, will all encourage this confidence.

4. New Equipment

Lastly, you will be taught how to use new equipment through circus tricks you can do at home. Whether you opt to participate in juggling, aerial or silkercise, you will need the required resources to ensure you get the most out of your sessions. This allows you to push yourself out of your comfort zone, which could benefit your fitness and intuition levels.

Learn New Skills With Space Plans

Is that enough reason to join us for a session at Space Plans? Our circus tricks you can do at home are ideal if you’re looking to learn a new skill or hobby. If you’d like further information on our online circus workshops, simply contact us today on 0121 439 2530. By joining our community, you’ll be learning from ex-circus professionals who dedicate their time to teaching their talent to others. So, come and join us in the fun!