When it comes to learning circus skills at home, there’s a common misconception that you are capped. However, as our circus creation course demonstrates, there’s still plenty of opportunity to get creative. Curating a circus act relies as much on artistic flair as it does on physical capabilities. The art of creating a seamless circus experience is not to be underestimated. But here at Space Plans, we can provide you with all the skills you need to create an unforgettable act.

Why Should You Learn Circus Skills? 

Circus skills can offer an array of physical and mental benefits. With a variety of skills to learn, there’s scope for people of all ages, experiences, and abilities to participate in a circus act. From improving your hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and reflexes, through to improving your self-esteem and concentration. There’s plenty to gain from learning a circus act. Once you have become experienced in the basics of your circus skills, you can then begin getting more creative with your circus act.

Some circus skills you can learn with Space Plans include:

Combining Physical Skills With Imagination

The ability to get creative with your circus skills is what takes a performer from a beginner to at least an intermediate level. Creativity is often developed through trying new things, getting them wrong, and then applying learnings to your next go. It’s important to remember this when it comes to creating a circus act – our fear of getting things wrong can sometimes cap creativity. When you learn circus skills at home with Space Plans, we work on encouraging your creativity to flourish. With our Act Creation course, you’ll be taught to play freely with your circus skills before honing in on all the necessary steps needed to create your own act.

How Can I Learn Circus Skills At Home? 

At Space Plans we’ve got a whole host of online circus workshops that can be attended in the comfort of your own home. Once you’ve got some experience under your belt, you can join our 9 part Circus Act Creation Course. This course is run by circus professional Kat Clark. Starting with carving the very foundations through to adding the final touches, you’ll learn exactly how to craft your very own original circus act.

Alongside working through the modules, each course participant will have their own downloadable PDFs to use too. These will test your knowledge as you work through the course. It also gives you an opportunity to begin creating your act along the way.

From choosing the right song, through to learning how to stay motivated, learn every aspect of curating a circus act at your own pace. Additionally, with the support of a highly skilled and experienced circus performer.

Get Started Today!

Are you looking to learn circus skills at home? Or would you like to take the next step and create a full circus act? Then head to our website today for more information. Or, call 01214392530 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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