Are you fascinated by circus arts and interested in learning more about the different styles and genres of creating your very own? Whether you are a seasoned performer or a beginner, there are a variety of techniques and performing arts styles that you can explore to create your own unique act.

Karina, one of our experienced circus artists and workshop facilitators, has created an online course to help you establish a skill that you feel confident in. Continue reading as we discuss the different approaches and genres of circus acts and how Karina’s course can help you develop your very own one-of-a-kind performance.

Circus Act Styles and Genres

As you may already know, the world of circus arts is very diverse and inclusive; no act is too creative or imaginative. Here are some of the most popular types of acts you will be introduced to:

Aerial Acts

This power style includes aerial silks, aerial hoops, aerial straps, and other aerial apparatuses. Aerial acts involve performing acrobatic feats while suspended in the air.


If you’re a gymnastics fan, this one is for you. Acrobatic acts involve tumbling, balancing, and other athletic movements. This includes ground acrobatics, such as handstands and backflips, and partner acrobatics.


Clowning is a genre of circus arts that focuses on comedic performances. In most cases, it includes physical comedy, slapstick, and other forms of humour. Making it perfect for all abilities!


As you probably know, juggling involves throwing and catching objects like balls, clubs, and rings. Jugglers often perform while balancing on a circular platform or performing other acrobatic feats. And as a note, we also offer specialised juggling courses at Space Plans, perfect for those who want to focus on this fun and beneficial skill!


Contortion is a style of circus arts that involves bending and twisting the body into unusual positions. If you’re considering this act, just keep in mind that it requires immense training in your flexibility.

Karina’s Circus Course at Space Plans

Still need some guidance? If you are interested in creating your own circus act but need help figuring out where to start, Karina’s course is the perfect resource for you. This programme is designed for individuals with all the technical skills to create an act but who are unsure how to put it together. It’s also great for individuals who need tips on keeping themselves motivated or inspired!

Here are some of the features of Karina’s course:

  • Four Video Episodes: The course includes four video episodes that cover everything from choosing your music to creating choreography and rehearsing your act.
  • Bonus Tips: Besides the video episodes, the course includes bonus tips from Karina to help you stay motivated and focused throughout the process.
  • Downloadable PDFs: Each video episode comes with a downloadable PDF that provides additional support and guidance.
  • Lifetime Access: Once you purchase the course, you have lifetime access to all the materials. Making it a well-worth purchase!
  • Expert Advice: Karina is a circus and acting professional with over ten years of experience. Her expert advice will help you create a professional-quality circus act that you can be proud of.

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Creating a circus act is a challenging and rewarding experience that requires skill, dedication, and creativity. Whether you are an experienced performer or a beginner, there are many different performing arts styles and genres that you can explore to create your own unique act.

And with Karina’s online course, you can gain the expert guidance and support you need to create your own skilful act that allows you to express your individuality while tapping into your creative and imaginative mindset. For more information on Karina’s course and our other circus courses online, get in touch today via email at