Act Creation

Act Creation with Kat Clark

Kat’s 9 episode course will outlay a framework to get you thinking about creativity, movement and planning your training. Each episode runs alongside an editable PDF workbook that you’ll need to fill in to evolve your thinking after each video.


This is the ultimate course for building your own circus act, you’ll receive full lifetime access to this course for you to refer back to each time you create a new act.

create a circus act

This 9 part mini-course will give you hints, hacks and tips from Kat Clark as you venture through all the steps necessary to create your own circus act. Everything from song selection to motivation, training plans to movement and all the bits in between.

Act Creation is run by the amazing Kat Clark! She will be guiding you through the course, providing tips and tricks along the way.

Each episode will have a downloadable PDF which you will need to take some time to review and complete between each episode to get you thinking and carving out the foundation of your act.

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