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The world’s #1 training tool to motivate and inspire community circus students and pro-coaches to plan, track and train their circus anytime, anywhere whilst providing studio’s a comms portal for a super quick way to connect and converse with your students in one place.

For Students

Accessible and adaptable training tools to organise your your learning, including a trick bible to categorise your tricks and videos, online courses, progression tracking, a mindful pad for quick sketches, an integrated notebook and a personalised training calendar. Most excitingly of all, chat to your classmates and motivate each other’s training plans through our studio comms portal.

For Coaches

Build income streams by becoming a course collaborator, supplementing your income and giving you more time to train and inspire the next generation of circus professionals. Use your notebook and trick bible to plan classes, share knowledge and ensure you look after your mind by visiting the challenges tool.

For Studios

Build an income stream by becoming a space partner. Studio’s a space to bring all of your students together, where they can share their achievements and book classes right from their dashboard. The studio comms portal allows your students to connect with each other outside of the classroom and you a super quick way to contact them.

Learn and grow on your circus journey through online courses, mentors, training tools and in-person studios.

Push Your Knowledge

These online courses will all be available through the app, with many more on offer. If you want to sign up to these courses before the app is launched however, you can do so right now through Teachable. Click the courses below to take you through.

Training Tools

Access to a motivational toolkit, to train healthily, work hard and share your circus. 

trick bible
mindful pad
training calendar
progress map

Online Course Previews

Discover New Studios

Whatever the space you’re training at, let others know you’re there by checking in. And chat to your training pals by hitting that chat button!

Coaching & Consultancy

WHAT’S NEXT? We can help with all aspects of what comes next in your career, as we are devoted to artistic and entrepreneurial development. Book a one off or group of sessions with us today.