“Dream way too big and forget not your purpose... but live everyday like your life is a circus."

Artist: Tom Derrick

Welcome to Space-Plans. A digital tool to give your mental wellbeing a boost anytime, anywhere. Used by circus artists to stay motivated, this will help you to develop high level coordination and keep you in shape and connected to your mind.

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That was a great start to the day, thanks Joe! It’s so easy to not join in things. This morning at 8.45 am I was drinking tea and worrying about everything I had to get done today. I thought I can’t join Joe I have too much on. But I am so glad I did. It has transformed my mental state this morning, I feel much clearer, prepared for the challenges of the day, and have a positive state of mind instead of a troubled one! Thanks. Ready to have a good day now!

- Loretta


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